Vital Care Pharmacy of Norfolk provides you and your family members with individualized therapies through a unique professional compounding service.


Proposed legislation may seriously restrict hormone replacement therapy
and other patients’ access to compounded medication. #ProtectMyCompounds
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Vital Care provides care in three basic areas:

- Home infusion
- Pharmaceutical compounding
- Nutritional supplementation

In the area of home infusion, Vital Care provides intravenous medications and enteral feeding solutions for patients at home. When a prescriber has determined that it is appropriate for a patient to use IV medications at home, Vital Care provides all medications, equipment and supplies that the patient needs for safe, effective and comfortable therapy at home.Vital Care also provides individualized medications when a prescriber wishes to utilize a therapy that is not commercially available. Virtually all dosage forms, including capsules, topical creams, suppositories, eye drops, lollipops, troches and others can be skillfully prepared by Vital Care Pharmacy of Norfolk. Vital Care also provides a wide array of the most effective, highest quality nutritional supplements which can be used to augment other therapies or to provide nutritional support to keep patients their healthiest. Check out our new Far Infrared Sauna.

Vital Care Pharmacy of Norfolk---Your Healthy Living Boutique---is always seeking better ways to provide the very best in health care products and services.